Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Horse_ebooks Poetry

The Challenge:
Without changing any of the words or punctuation, turn select @Horse_ebooks tweets into poems.

We all know that the @Horse_ebooks twitter is filled with poetic gems, just waiting to be molded into the perfect form.

What Qualifications Do You Have to Be Doing This?:
Almost none. I am an avid tweeter, so I understand the @Horse_ebooks craze. I took AP Poetry for a semester, and focused part of my study on William Carlos Williams, who, besides having one of the most kick-ass names of any poet, wrote in a form that should fit @Horse_ebooks pretty well. Other than that, I have absolutely no qualifications to be turning tweets into poems. But I suspect this isn't the sort of thing that requires impressive qualifications... this is the internet, after all.

How Often Will You Post?:
About three times a week, or whenever I feel particularly inspired by @Horse_ebooks.

Can I Suggest a Tweet For You to Make Into a Poem?:
I welcome suggestions. If you think I'm missing out on the perfect tweet to "poem-ize," then just leave the link to that tweet in the comments.


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